Leadership Teams

                                                                                                                     Updated: January 28, 2024

In our polity and governance, local boards and committees work with the Pastor and Music Director to determine the mission, vision, and ministry of the local congregation. Our style of governance is locally determined, rather than following the dictates from our denomination. As a result, we are responsible in every way for the success and spirituality of our church. Listed below are the various governing boards of our church. Each month, one person from each board meets together with the officers of the church, the Pastor, and the Music Director in a leadership team meeting called a Council meeting. Listed below are the Officers and the various Boards of the Pioneer Congregational Church.

Pastor:                          Rev. Dr. David C. Bocock

Music Director:             Dr. Elliot Jones

Moderator:                   Garylee Stephensen

Vice-Moderator:           Ellen Arden-Ogle

Treasurer:                      Garylee Stephensen/Randy Triezenburg, begins April 1, 2024

Secretary:                      Karen Shipman

Worship Team:              Scott Minor, Randy Triezenberg, Fay Grundel, Dr. Elliot Jones, and Pastor Bo

Spiritual Life:                 Phil Jackman

Stewardship:                 Cynthia Holt

Property:                       Vi McNally

Christian Outreach:       Pastor Bo

Christian Education:      Cindy Cherry

Members-at-Large:       Greg deGiere and Randy David-Matthew Barnes

Pioneer Foundation:      Pat Houge, John Busschaert, Xuan Guerrero, and Gary Ogle

Pastor Parish Relations:  Randy Triezenberg, Garylee Stephenson, Pat Houge, Karen Shipman-Jackman, and Heidi Munoz

Constitution and Bylaws of the Church, updated 2022. Print, download, or save your copy here.