When I was in school everything was two dimensional learning.  The surface of the paper on my desk or the surface of the blackboard were planes with two dimensions. Except for shop class, everything was two dimensional.  It was limited thinking.

A holograph would bring in more dimensions.  Depth and time could both be seen.  It would be possible to look at more than one side of an image.  The view of the learner would be constantly changing.

Would this change the way we think?  It seems we commonly view only one side of an argument and that the way we see something is the only way it could possibly be. We tend to see some things as snapshots when they are motion pictures – in 3D with us in the middle of the action.

The consequences for spirituality would be good.  We wouldn’t be stuck with so many dualities – heaven or hell, saved or condemned, divine or human, orthodoxy or heresy.  We could deepen our understanding and acceptance of many dimensions at once.  Our theology would not have to be static.

For so many, changes in what is considered good and acceptable sounds like heresy.  The relationships between races, genders, faiths and even species can and should change when our understanding of Being becomes more profound and multi-dimensional.

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