A Last letter from Pastor Phil

As you look forward to a new year and a new minister at Pioneer, I hope you are thinking of the new possibilities.
When we were saying goodbye to each other as my time at Pioneer was ending, I heard a common theme among the many stories shared. What people told me they would remember about me was most often about the possibilities.

It seems that people often expected me, as the settled minister at Pioneer, to say no. I surprised them by saying yes instead.

There is the undeniable need to anticipate any major problems that can occur. Common sense and planning should never be thrown out. However, if we start by assuming the worst will happen, it will. The worst may just turn out to be that you didn’t even try.

A prophet of Israel once wrote a message from the Giver of Life: I know the plans I have for you, to prosper you. There are certainly messages of doom in our sacred texts. They are exhortations to change behaviors that can destroy society and individuals. However, the main attitude that the Giver of Life wants to convey to us is one of hope for a better future.

Looking back at 2020 we can easily cite reasons for it to be remembered as a horrible year. We can also cite important things that happened that give us the possibilities for a better future. (Get vaccinated when you have the chance!)

While parting was hard to do, I know that I can look forward. So can you. We all remain in the hand of the giver of Life. Prosperity lies ahead. Just ask “why not?” and live out the plans God has for you.

Finally, I wish for you to discover joy and experience peace as you live in love.

Phil Konz