Possible reasons for witnessing for Christ (if we are willing to admit to them) are:
• We believe that we are the only ones who have true saving faith and everyone who is not in our group of believers is going to hell eternally.
• We believe we will have a higher place in heaven if we bring more people to Jesus.
• Our church is having trouble paying its bills so we want to grow our membership and increase our offerings.

Once we see the problems with these reasons we might arrive at some legitimate reasons to witness to Christ. For me, there are two:
• We have experienced something good in our relationship to God and to others in our church which we want to share with others.
• We realize that we are part of Christ. As such we need to be the embodiment of a higher, more noble, unconditional love that, when experienced and lived out in the lives of people, will allow the world to know true peace.

The first legitimate reason is more a witness to a particular congregation and the experience of loving acceptance one might find there. If the loving acceptance is missing, I would question just how much the congregation is a witness to Christ. In the life of a congregation there will be times of conflict and tension when acceptance is not felt very keenly by a visitor, but there should be evidence of love for all as a general rule.

The second legitimate reason is the more universal one. It requires no congregation or organized religion, only the spiritual maturity to understand the need for humanity to live up to a higher calling. However, if people are living out what they believe about universal love and acceptance, they will soon be associating with others who are like-minded and organizing in order to carry out works of love.