Jesus tells a parable about weeds growing in a field of wheat. Separating the wheat and the weeds has to wait until the harvest because uprooting weeds would also uproot the wheat.

Today, of course, we would simply spray weed-killer on them. That may not hurt the wheat but I have to wonder what harm that brings to the environment. Toxins run off or are ingested by animals that poison the whole food chain.

Attempts to purify society are equally toxic. Hatred hurts more than the target of the hatred. Bigotry and prejudice do not biodegrade before poisoning others. Bullies find new victims.

Society is not hurt as much by “undesirables” as by the venom directed at them. The venom sickens society with its distrust, fear, and narrowness of vision.

The anti-venom for any group of people consists of compassion, mutual respect and interdependence. Legal codes tend to label more people as undesirables. The spirit/ethos of a society that leans toward grace is needed to overcome the poison used in our weed wars.

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