Phew! We made it through January. It always seems that getting started is the hardest part. With the first month out of the way, we have an indication of how 2020 will be — maybe. Every endeavor involves some degree of faith. The laws of physics may be reliable, but most of life has too many variables to be absolutely dependable. So we trust that current trends won’t vary very much and we trust the professional forecasters regarding weather, finances, and fashions.

We trust them until they prove to be untrustworthy.

Christians will talk about being saved “by faith”. The problem is that they can’t agree about the object of that faith. Faith in what? I have faith that God is love. This is the salve in salvation.

February is highlighted by Valentine’s Day so it is a good time to re-emphasize that I have faith in love – the kind of love that desires and creates goodness in life. I have faith that the goodness of life will increase. Individuals will not always experience increasing goodness, but in human progress, there will be greater justice, truer relationships, and more peace.

Love, simple but profound, is strong enough to hold us up when we are at our weakest. Love lights the way when we feel lost in a fog. Love brings healing when our hearts are breaking. Love is trustworthy in these and other ways.

I know that 2020 will bring huge changes for my life. Probably for many others, too. I find salvation – peace and courage for my soul – in my faith that LIFE (the giver and sustainer of life) will continue to increase love in the world.

Trusting in the God we know as love,