Some people like to get an early start on anything they do. That is simply part of their nature. However, getting an early start on judgement day is not a thing that any of us should do, much less get an early start on it.

In this parable, as in the parable of the weeds in the wheat field, Jesus stressed that the separation of people is the job for the angels to do at the end of the ages. Not before.

Until then, all kinds of things will be interacting. Fish and jellyfish, plankton and plastic bottles- all will be present. Some things will obviously be good. Some things will obviously be bad. I’m pretty sure Jesus would agree to getting the plastic bottles out early, but let the natural environment develop naturally.

Because Jesus was actually talking about people, the lesson we gather from the parable should also be about people. It seems to me that this parable was spoken to people who had long endured oppression. It gave them hope. For the people who are doing the oppression and exercising dominion, it can because an excuse to ratchet up the purging of “undesirables”. Let those who have ears hear, realize the truth of the kingdom of heaven and teach grace by example.

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