When I asked adults “what is the most important piece of a jig saw puzzle?” I received a variety of answers- the first piece, the corner piece, the last piece. None of them the answers I was looking for.

When I asked the children, one of them immediately answered, “Technically, none of them.”  I asked him to say it another way, he understood “All the pieces are important.”

In this puzzle of life made of so many odd-shaped pieces, each piece is important. You, as part of the whole picture, are missed when you don’t reveal yourself. Your contribution is needed.

Another lesson from the jig saw puzzle: we are stronger together when we let each other into our lives. The needs of one is filled by the strength of another and vice versa.

So, don’t try to present only smooth polished edges to people. Let others into your vulnerabilities. Be willing to enter into others. We are all bound together more strongly when this happens.

Even in our weakness we are important pieces of the puzzle.

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