The Epiphany of a new year

It is not often that Epiphany (January 6) falls on a Sunday. On Epiphany the Christian Church traditionally remembers the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus in Bethlehem. They followed the star in the hope of finding the one who was born King of the Jews. They knew of the hope of the Jews is diaspora that one would come who would establish a world of just peace.

I wonder if we are still following a star, still hoping for a world of just peace. If we did, would it lead us to another country, even a poor impoverished one dominated by some other world power? Would we be willing to listen to such a person, much less accept his/her leadership?

A big challenge in following the star as the Magi did is that we don’t know exactly where it will lead us. Where do we need to go, what do we need to do, what will we endure as we follow? We do not know, but the journey still needs to be taken.

Going forward as Pioneer Congregational UCC this year will be like that. We have plans, resources and passion. But how all this will work together we do not fully know. We cannot fully control what is accomplished. We have more control over what we will be. Will we be loving in a way that seeks the good, that forgives, that celebrates the tremendous diversity of humanity?

Personally, I cannot put measurable goals on everything. My biggest goal for Pioneer, the one that I pray about and work for, is that Pioneer will be a safe community for everyone to be fully who they are. My star leads to a place where every heart can be at home.

To reach that goal, I know I wil have to be very aware of my own prejudices and slow to judge others. I will have to set aside my sense of superiority. These things are easier said than done. However, I am eager to continue the journey and I hope you will join me in it.