What does the Bible have to say about tattoos?

When I saw this question I was dismayed. It meant that somewhere there was a preacher or “Bible-believer” that was making tattoos a sin. People are suffering because of human arrogance, greed, rage and apathy. People are suffering because of violence, natural disasters, diseases and unjust institutions. Yet someone chooses to heap guilt and shame […]

What is the Meaning of Communion for Me Personally?

Holy Communion fulfills the acknowledged needs for belonging and community.  It does this on a deeper spiritual level that goes beyond the community gathered in one place.  In Holy Communion we are connecting with all the followers of  Christ the world over. Imagine committing to a marriage, then never again hearing the words “I love […]

Are we supposed to kneel when we pray?

The posture we take when we pray depends upon how we relate to God during prayer. It can differ. Kneeling would indicate that God is sovereign and the person praying expresses humility before God. When dedicating one’s life to God as in an ordination rite, or when surrendering the day’s burdens to God as in a […]

Ask the Pastor: Should We Fast?

In many spiritual traditions fasting is a requirement. Sometimes it is for a certain period of time, like the daylight hours of Ramadan for Muslims or before some celebrations for Earth Religions. At other times it is part of repentance when some transgression has been committed. Not eating anything as a form of protest is […]