500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

The event that is marking this anniversary is the nailing of 95 Theses on the Chapel door at Wittenberg (Germany) University on October 31, 1517 by Dr. Martin Luther.  That event started a chain of events that has changed the face of Christendom and, in some ways, the whole world. The success of the Protestant […]

What is the Meaning of Communion for Me Personally?

Holy Communion fulfills the acknowledged needs for belonging and community.  It does this on a deeper spiritual level that goes beyond the community gathered in one place.  In Holy Communion we are connecting with all the followers of  Christ the world over. Imagine committing to a marriage, then never again hearing the words “I love […]

Does God Want Our Allegiance?

Full disclosure, I have trouble with the word allegiance. It conjures up the relationships in feudal societies. We have romantic visions of knights swearing allegiance to their liege lord. Oaths of allegiance bound them to the service of a noble of some rank. Those oaths might have been given willingly. However, the idea of allegiance, or […]

Why do we witness for Christ?

Possible reasons for witnessing for Christ (if we are willing to admit to them) are: • We believe that we are the only ones who have true saving faith and everyone who is not in our group of believers is going to hell eternally. • We believe we will have a higher place in heaven if […]

Are there false religions?

Here at Pioneer Congregational UCC we tend to be on the progressive side of Christianity. Our covenant among our members states that we are each responsible for our own spiritual journey. So the question about false religions may seem rather odd. However we can say that there is more than one way to express our […]