Hidden Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Hunts are part of the traditions surrounding Easter that don’t make sense to me.  Rabbits don’t lay eggs or eat them.  So why an Easter bunny?  And why not just give them as gifts instead of hiding them? Like most traditions, hiding Easter eggs is symbolic, not logical.  Like most symbolic actions the […]

Free Will in a Labyrinth

Did you know that you cannot get lost in a labyrinth? You can get lost in a maze. The labyrinth has many twists and turns, but only one path available between the lines. You will eventually reach the center or the exit, depending on which way you are traveling. A maze has many twists and […]

Defining Life

As I write this article, spring has officially arrived. Daylight savings time has come. Once Easter has come, we can start wearing light and bright colors. And I am left wondering when we lost our connection to the natural world around us. Seasons don’t really change based on the definitions of the meteorologists. A day […]