God Bless Us, Whoever We Are

Did you know we live in the United States of Henry? Well, we would have if Vespucci, the explorer that gave his name to the “new world” continents, had been English instead of Italian. The name Amerigo was the Italian version of the Hungarian saint name Emeric, a prince of Hungary who died in 1021. […]

Does Jesus know my name?

Yes. What does that mean?  It means much more than we think it does unless we gain an appreciation for what “name” means in Middle Eastern languages.  An expert in the Aramaic language that Jesus spoke tells us that our name is both our unity with all that exists and our unique note in the […]

Ask the Pastor: What Is Inner Peace?

For a long time I thought of inner peace as going within myself and shutting out the rest of the world. I have discovered, however, that the deeper the inner peace I find the more I can connect to the world. When we accept ourselves in a more profound way we can also accept the […]