Thanksgiving, Hopefulness and Faith

This is the time of year when preachers spout platitudes. Many phrases about gratitude and thankfulness are superficial and trite, and are used too often. To some the platitudes of thanksgiving can seem downright cruel. It is cruel to tell someone they ought to be thankful when they are being abused physically, emotionally and sexually. […]


Beautiful panes of colored glass seem to be perfection. Without flaws, the colors stand apart. Then it all breaks. What can we do with broken glass? We hate the idea of brokenness. We fear that whatever caused the breakage may be repeated. What can we do when what was flawless and self-contained is shattered? This is […]

Ask the Pastor: How can we find healing and hope in troubled times?

Up front please understand I can only give a first aid level answer here.  Deep hurts will need specialized care. We are connected to all life. When we experience troubles we feel disconnected.  Life for us is not as it should be.  We want and need it to be whole again.  We cannot be whole […]