Imperfect Resolutions

Military leaders and athletic coaches know that it is necessary to plan carefully and be fully prepared.  They also know that once the action starts the plans will have to be changed.  No plan will ever work to perfection. Somehow when we make our resolutions we expect a different reality than leaders and coaches experience.  […]

What Can We Do When Our Leaders Let Us Down?

What comes to mind immediately is the Bible verse “Don’t put your trust in princes.” (Psalm 146:3) To me that verse reminds us that we are all human. Having wealth and power does not change that humanity which will never be perfect in the use of power or in wisdom. It is unrealistic on our […]

How can I get ready for the new year spiritually?

One of the first things we all need to do spiritually is to learn to love ourselves as we are. This is easier said than done, unfortunately. Perhaps we have been warned so often against becoming egotistical or narcissistic, that we think we are doing something wrong if we feel good about ourselves. Perhaps we […]


Beautiful panes of colored glass seem to be perfection. Without flaws, the colors stand apart. Then it all breaks. What can we do with broken glass? We hate the idea of brokenness. We fear that whatever caused the breakage may be repeated. What can we do when what was flawless and self-contained is shattered? This is […]


Some people buy bus tickets for Tahiti. They want to get to paradise but aren’t willing to fly or sail to get there. They would rather stay on the ground that is familiar than risk leaving it to get to where they would rather be. Spiritual journeys require us to fly, leaving the familiar ground […]