Do we control our future or do we follow God’s plan?

Neither. I realize that is not a helpful answer when we are trying to make decisions. However, many factors beyond our control have an effect on our future. We cannot follow a plan when we do not know what the plan is. So, is there any help from our spiritual understandings when we need to […]

God’s Spirit Connects Us All

There are 7 billion 480 million people on our planet as I write this article. The number keeps rising rapidly. It is easy to feel lost in the crowd when we think of how many there are sharing this space. Does anybody see us as an individual? Does anybody care? Then again, when you are […]

Does Jesus know my name?

Yes. What does that mean?  It means much more than we think it does unless we gain an appreciation for what “name” means in Middle Eastern languages.  An expert in the Aramaic language that Jesus spoke tells us that our name is both our unity with all that exists and our unique note in the […]

Are there false religions?

Here at Pioneer Congregational UCC we tend to be on the progressive side of Christianity. Our covenant among our members states that we are each responsible for our own spiritual journey. So the question about false religions may seem rather odd. However we can say that there is more than one way to express our […]