Is it okay that I want my family to enjoy Christmas without giving gifts?

Assuming you mean gifts as items or experiences we pay to obtain, usually wrapping it up in pretty paper to present at a family celebration, then I would say yes. It is certainly okay to want your family to enjoy Christmas without giving gifts.  However, I do not think a family can actually enjoy Christmas […]

Keeping Christ in Christmas

Are you prepared to hear about the “war on Christmas”? I am sure it will be talked about by some people.  What may be talked about can be as varied as the design on the Starbucks coffee cups to the positioning of nativity scenes in public places. What those who make a lot of noise about […]

Christmas Joy

On the surface, the Christmas story is about a child being born. That in itself is enough to make it a joyful story. There is much more to the Christmas story of course. Each of us can find a way to connect with the story and find joy in it. There is the quiet personal […]