Aah, summertime! Setting aside the occasional heat wave, summer is a time to enjoy the present,. Spring has the energy of new life just taking root. Fall has the gathering of reserves before the sleep of winter. Summer is nature in the fullness of life.

Oddly enough, this presents a problem for many theologians. Motivating people to a deeper spirituality and more active service is easier when doom and gloom are imminent. Calling people to compassionate ministry and to struggles for justice without robbing them of the joy of life seems to be beyond the capabilities of many church leaders.

Personally, I like to think of the summer as a time of growth. What was planted and took root in the spring is now growing stronger in the summer. What is true of our bodies is also true of our spirits. We grow stronger through exercise. So now, in the fullness of life, give your spirit some exercise. Open up to greater inclusion of others, practice more compassion and explore the greater joy of being a blessing in this world.

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