I’ve heard the idea of “standing in the gap” as a heroic stance.  The idea put forth is that of a defensive wall being breached, leaving a gap that must be filled in order to keep evil out and protect the good that is behind the wall.  It is about keeping a separation in place.

There is another image that I would like to present.  This gap is more like a ravine that needs to be spanned.  Whatever stands in this gap needs to be a bridge that connects the two sides of the ravine.  It is about bringing together what had been separated.

In our society we speak of many gaps.  Generation gap and income gap, certainly, but also, separation of church and state, racial divisions, home owners and homeless, not to mention the groupings by political affiliation, sexual orientation or religious beliefs are chasms in the midst of human society. 

Those who say “blessed are the peacemakers” should be standing in the gap as bridges not barricades in a wall.  Our efforts should be about bringing people together.  It is a tremendous challenge.

If you identify with a God who is “I AM” you need to let that be a singular statement about God.  As humans we need to drop the ego and say “WE ARE”.  The amazing thing about all the gaps is that they divide people who are remarkably alike. 

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  1. When somebody is standing in the way such as a gap it is usually because they do not want to embrace change. Fear rules their lives. This applies to Creationists, those who oppose entitlement programs, those who adhere to the doctrine of the dollar first last and always rather than helping one another, and we must understand that they are dangerous and bridges and paths around them must be built. Two of my favorite songs are Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and the Peace Song. Put them together and you have a great philosophy to live by. Being a homo sapien is easy, being a true human being is a challenge and we found the ideal of that in Jesus. It is fully attainable and worth the effort.

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