We all specialize.  We can’t think of everything at once so we put them into categories and concentrate on one category at a time.  Sometimes we give these categories hard and fast boundaries.  That’s good up to a point.

Cells need boundaries, but they have to be permeable for osmosis to occur.  Nutrition in, waste out.

Molecules need structure, but there are none of the chemical reactions needed for life if those molecules do not change their structures.

We have a lot of “ologies” that make up our knowledge, understanding and values.  Biology, geology, psychology, theology, – and the list goes on and on.

All these areas of study interconnect because they are all about the same world.  We live in that world.

If we claim that one area of knowledge has one source of knowledge that cannot be refuted or influenced by any other area, then we have to be very good at disassociating.  Psychology has a lot to say about disassociative personality disorders.

When we can’t interconnect what our sacred scriptures say with the findings of psychology, biology, geology, etc. then we are splitting ourselves up internally.  That is not a healthy thing.  The idea of peace/shalom requires integrating the whole of our existence, not denying one part of it.

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