Whether we like to admit it or not our spirituality changes according to our needs.

When our society is experiencing war, internal conflicts, financial crises, etc., we seek a source of security.  We want the assurance that there is a being that is in charge and is powerful enough to triumph over evil.  It helps us to think that our suffering will come to an end in a much better place. A felt need for hope and security drives our spiritual agendas.

When our lives are fairly stable and secure we seek some greater purpose.  Hedonism ultimately doesn’t satisfy.  We need the challenge of shaping a better world and a more just and equitable society.  Love and purpose are the emphases in our spiritual walks.

In polytheism, the needs of the moment would dictate which god or goddess should be worshiped.  Sacrifices were made accordingly.

In monotheism, the same God needs to fulfill all these needs.  The Bible can seem very contradictory when taken in parts.  Some parts speak to our needs at one point, other parts may be needed as circumstances and felt needs change.

What we need we seek.  What we seek we find in God.  Need comfort?  God can provide that.  Need to feel protected? God will provide that.  Need direction?  God will give that.

Of course, if you have no needs…  Sorry, the role of God has already been taken.

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