Pioneer Congregational Church is dedicated and committed to Social Justice. Follow this link to the policy description of the church. From there, you will learn that the Social Justice Committee makes recommendations to the pastor and moderator for actions on social justice issues the Council has selected, most recently these four: homelessness and affordable housing, LGBTQ equality, racial justice, and disability rights. For any other issues, the committee makes recommendations to the full Council. Please get any thoughts back to me within a couple of weeks and I’ll get them out to the committee members. (And if you’d like to be considered a committee member, please let me know.) For more information, please contact Greg at

Current Effort: Help Pioneer Stand Up for LGBTQ+ Equality

At March’s Social Justice Committee meeting, we talked about asking our church to send letters supporting some bills in the Legislature of importance to various groups, as we did on three major bills on hate crimes and senior and disability justice. Sending letters will get us listed under “Support” in the official bill analyses. Greg volunteered to reach out to some of the groups to ask about their top priorities.

Please download the list of bills and their descriptions here. This link will download for you the list of bills we’re asking your support from Equality California, which ranks all as high priority. I’m waiting to hear from other groups. Please take a few moments and help us consider what bill(s) on the EQCA list Pioneer Congregational Church should support.

If you want to see the full text of a bill and any analyses to date, here’s where to find them: Go to “Quick Bill Search” and type in the bill number. 

If any of these bills interest you, please contact Greg deGiere at