We publicize our programs to which we want to invite the public.  We use Facebook, websites and other means to get the word out when there is a concert in the church.  However, we are doing other things that many people know nothing about.

Grief books are sent for the first year after the loss of a loved one, we send a series of four grief books to the member or non-member who we know about.  They have been well-received.

We are up and running with podcasts.  Thanks to George Hinman, Jakob Hinman and Jim Jordan.  Search “pioneerucc” on itunes  or Googleplay to check it out.  The link will be placed on our website when we are sure we have all the kinks worked out.

We play host to other non-profits and charities.  Our building is in use this month for…

May 2 – UCC area clergy cluster meetings.  UCC ministers meet to support one another.  This month we will be meeting with the Conference Minister, Rev. Diane Weible as well as our associate conference minister, Rev. Davena Jones.

May 14 – Oasis Chamber Choir will hold a concert in our sanctuary to raise money for their trip to South Africa where they do work with an orphanage.  The money raised at the concert will go to supply the orphanage.

May 20 –  Memorial Service for Ralph Buell.  Ralph was one of the musicians that played in our special musical productions for the last few years – Songs of the Season, and Good Friday cantatas.  His home congregation’s sanctuary will probably not hold all who want to remember this well-loved man, so we are hosting the memorial service here.

With all this going on, we still have people walking by on the sidewalk outside who stop and ask “are you still open?” and “when are your worship services?”  So the activity around the new signage and Commemorative Peace Garden are designed to let everyone know we are an active congregation fully involved in our world today.