Pastor Bill

Pastor Bill 2

Reverend Bill Pifer-Foote

The Rev. William Pifer-Foote—Pastor Bill—grew up in Fremont and was an active part of the Niles Congregational Church, now the Niles Discovery Church. After graduating from Cal with a degree in Rhetoric, he left the Golden State for nearly 40 years.

Bill (then just Foote) attended Chicago Theological Seminary on the advice of the pastor who baptized him. Originally, he had thought he might go into teaching. He presented two papers to the Society of Biblical Literature, but he chose instead to take the path to ministry. In seminary he was part of an acapella group called “The Radical Renaissance Revivalists” where he met Chris Pifer. They were engaged shortly after he graduated in 1983, and his first call was to the First Congregational Church in Lebanon, Missouri, deep in the Ozarks. Chris and Bill were married the next year. They decided to combine their names, a decision that confuses computers to this very day (The DMV allows Bill’s driver’s license to read “Pifer-Foote,” but all the documents from them are Piferfoote. Go figure!)

Following Chris’s graduation, they decided to pursue a call together, and they were called in 1986 as the first co-pastors of the First Congregational Church of Sandusky, Ohio. Their son Aaron was born there. Their next call was to the Church of the Holy Trinity in Hagerstown, Maryland, where their daughter Anna was born.

Chris received a call to a church in Berks County, Pennsylvania, in 1994, the heart of Amish Country. Bill served several churches in Berks, Schuylkill and Montgomery Counties. Chris returned to teaching high school Spanish and served various churches part time.

In 2018, Bill was called to the First Congregational Church of Stockton as Interim Pastor, where he has served for two and a half years. Bill and Chris are in the final stages of having a house built in Rancho Cordova after living in Carmichael.

In his free time, Bill enjoys Scrabble and crossword puzzles. He loves taking out his telescope to peer into the universe, and he was gleefully surprised by last year’s comet and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. He also likes woodworking and is the primary cook of the family. Baroque music is a passion, and he plays the recorder (adequately).

Bill and Chris’s children both live in Sacramento. Aaron, a graduate of Penn State, is a manager for the Crest Theater and does videography on the side. Anna, a graduate of Pitt University and Davis Law, is a lawyer for Covered California.

Bill is excited about the possibilities for ministry at Pioneer, and he looks forward to helping the congregation as it transitions to its next settled pastor.