I am an ordained educated white American male. Every one of those descriptors gives me a certain degree of privilege and empowerment in the society in which I live. Denying that empowerment is foolish.  How I use that empowerment is what determines whether I am bad or good.

If I think of it selfishly the privilege and empowerment can easily be used to abuse others. However, the call of the divine realm of grace for all is a call to rethink that.

Repentance (from metanoia in Greek) requires changed thinking.  Rethinking the idea of empowerment is part of the call of God I feel.  Power is the ability to accomplish something. If it is simply power over others, then the total ability to accomplish goes down.  If others are empowered, the ability to get things done increases.

Unselfish spiritual people use their power and positions to encourage, advocate and lift up others to live out their full potentials.  If you have the trust of anyone, you have the power to lift them up.  However you connect with anyone you can empower them to greater things.

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