Prayer is understood in so many ways it becomes difficult to talk about it.  Are we formally addressing a personal being who resides in heaven, communicating through lesser spirits who we hope will take our message to the highest levels of the spiritual realm, or are we sending out good vibrations into the ether of the universe?  Do we have to use certain words or formulate conscious thought only in certain ways?

Another point of view is not spiritual at all.  It simply looks at prayer as a way to sift through one’s thoughts and feelings.  Prayer, in that case, is simply self-talk.

So we don’t understand it, yet universally religious people do it in some form or other. This wouldn’t happen unless it served some purpose, filled some felt need.

However, we think about it does not matter as much as doing it.  I don’t recall anyone advocating thinking about praying.  It is one of those spiritual practices that is indefinable, illogical, and yet beneficial when it is done.  Spirit to spirit communication that engages the mind and sometimes the body as well is a good practice.

Don’t worry about the rules.  Just try it. You’ll like it.

Just don’t be surprised to discover that you have been heard.

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