Assuming you mean gifts as items or experiences we pay to obtain, usually wrapping it up in pretty paper to present at a family celebration, then I would say yes.

It is certainly okay to want your family to enjoy Christmas without giving gifts.  However, I do not think a family can actually enjoy Christmas or any other day if you are not willing to be a gift.

If you buy an item to give to someone but have not given of your love freely from your heart, then you have not celebrated Christmas.  You have only participated in a gift exchange.

We can increase the joy and lessen the stress around the holidays by having those difficult conversations or making those tough decisions that strain our relationships.  Sometimes issues simmer and strain relationships when they could be resolved if we simply communicate earnestly with one another.  Sometimes relationship issues cannot be resolved and we can only set firm boundaries that prevent greater harm from being done.

Do what you can to better the relationship, especially within the family. Then buying an item or supplying an experience won’t matter so much because the selves that we are will be gifts that enable us to enjoy our good relationships at Christmas and all through the year.