If love is part of one’s basic being, how can that love be kept secret?  The letter to the Romans has these words near the end “according to revelation of the mystery that was kept secret for long ages”.  Was it really kept secret or simply not understood?

In my experience there are many times when love is not understood as it should be.  Sometimes it simply is not expressed in words. Sometimes it is claimed in words, but other things block it.  The top three ways love can be “kept secret” seem to be:

Conditions are put on it. If not said outright, it is often implied that love will only come to us when certain conditions are met. “When you do…” or “when you become…” then I will love you. If someone puts condition on his/her love for you then it really is not you they love.  They love the person they imagine you could be when you fulfill certain requirements.  Real love can not be conditioned and still be considered love.

When love is proclaimed but the accompanying actions are hypocritical. Some people claiming to love the hungry or the homeless still treat them as if they were subhuman. In so many ways people find ways to dehumanize other human beings.  If we give only our scraps and rags we rob the recipient of human dignity.  Words of love may be heaped up, but actions will always speak louder than words.

When love is replaced by hate. Some people who claim to be Christian – even Christian pastors – advocate actions that are clearly not loving. Jesus talked about a loving God.  Yet people in God’s name carry protest placards that read “God hates fags” and preachers claiming to be Christian preach that the homosexual problem can be cleared up once and for all by killing all of them at once.  I want to yell “Not in my name” as a Christian and do not claim to speak for the God of Christ.  It is no wonder that many will not step foot into a Christian church when love is not just hidden, it is replaced with hate.

During this holiday season, may the “kept secret” love be fully revealed.  Read it in the pages of sacred texts.  Hear it as a revelation in your spirit.  Express it in your own actions so that others will know.  Be the prophet.  Be the angel. Be the face of God’s love.  And don’t wait for another Christmas Day to do it.  Now is the time for love to be made real.

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  1. Thank you Pastor Phil… your messages are always right on point!
    Appreciate you so much!
    Many blessing to you this Holiday season and in 2015!

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