The world has always needed pioneers. Pioneers are those who live into a vision of new possibilities, who see a need and fulfill it, or who seek remedies to the injustices in society from a sense of righteous indignation. All these kinds of people can be called Pioneers, for they are not bound only to what has been known in the past. They continue to listen to a voice of a God who is still speaking.

When St. Paul says in one of our texts today “Jesus Christ came to save sinners”, and when Jesus tells the story of the lost sheep and the lost coin, they are talking about being Pioneers in all three ways. Jesus presented us a vision of world where all people are treated with dignity and where their god-given rights are recognized. He saw the suffering of those labeled as sinners by polite society and was motivated to do something about it, even risking the anger of the establishment. He saw the need of the well educated and wealthy as well as the outcast and oppressed for the assurance that God loved them. He demonstrated the love of God and taught his disciples to do the same.

As followers of Jesus we will also be Pioneers. Your part may simply be telling someone who does not know that they are loved by God, that they have rights given by God and that they do not need to suffer the abuse of others. Tell the story of Jesus and his love. Be a Pioneer.

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