I suppose I could use church-speak and talk about redeeming the time, but popular sayings often say profound things in much simpler language. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. During this time of sheltering in place or self-quarantining, people have shown amazing creativity in using the time to do good things. In-home concerts, family projects, creating face masks and shields, reaching out to family and friends far away – there are so many examples of people making the most of enforced isolation. I wonder what y’all have done during this time. It would be great to share our stories and ideas through our Facebook page or website to see what kind of lemonade has been created during this time. We certainly don’t need to simply sit and worry. Even in the most troubling times the goodness of the human heart can shine through.

Once I taught a Bible Study with people who had all lived through the Great Depression and WWII. They referred to those times as the “good old days.” People were suffering. People were dying. In their memories those days were good because everyone shared the same troubles and supported one another. They stressed their similarities, not their differences.

Will we look back on this time as our “good old days”? Will we be remembering how we supported one another and understood that we were in this together?

People are suffering. People are dying. We cannot ignore that, nor can we make light of it. But when the night is darkest, even a single candle can shine brightly. Don’t hide your light, especially when it is needed the most.

We will all come out of this time with a new appreciation for the heroism of those who work in medicine. We think of police and firefighters as putting their lives on the line to serve the public. We know that doctors, nurses, and orderlies are also risking their lives to save our lives during this pandemic. When this crisis has passed will we remember their heroic hard work and sacrifice?

Personally, I have also gained a new appreciation for truck drivers and grocery store workers. As so many of us panic and stockpile much more than we can ever use, they have continued to work extra hard to provide the necessities we must have to survive. Remember to thank them also for their work at this time.

We will eventually have a new normal, but make memories now that allow these days to be the “good old days” full of our sweet lemonade and bright candlelight.

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