I always thought that the word human was from the root word man.  According to my dictionary that is wrong.  It comes from the word humus meaning earth, or dirt.  The same root word gives us the word humble. Now I can’t think of being human without being reminded that I am from the earth.  That’s humbling.

At the same time, I realize that as humans we have come a long way from humus. There is a spirit within us that lifts us beyond the mere forces of evolution.  We do not need to look at ourselves and others as only dirt.  We are also filled with the spirit that reflects divine ideas and directs divine actions. We are capable of compassion, self-sacrifice and willing service.

The humble people that I gladly honor are those who remember their own origins and yet see in all others the same divine spirit that is in them. They do not think too highly of themselves, but they also do not neglect the power that is within them.

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