Some people amaze me with their capacity for work.  They get a lot done.  They are truly stars. The problem arises when they think they are the only ones who can do what needs to be done.  There are some things for which a certain individual is uniquely qualified to do.  Such things are not as common as we seem to think.  If we really want to get more things done we must let others shine as well.

I’ve learned the hard way the importance of getting out of the way. The first thing that needs to get out of the way is usually ego.  Even when I am convinced that no one else can do a certain deed as well as I can, I still need to set my ego aside and let others step in. 

Step up to do your role.  Step aside to let others do theirs.  Much more will be accomplished in the long run this way.

The surprising side effect of all this is that we learn that we are appreciated and loved quite aside from the work we do.  When that happens, turf wars die out.  We learn that we each have our own place and that is enough.

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