Fruit of the Spirit – Joy


Bah! Humbug!

How can anyone talk about joy when there is so much wrong in our world?

Some look at all the bad news and are sure it is a sign that the end of the world is near – a call for Christians to hunker down and prepare for doomsday.

Some look at it and see so many issues calling for greater justice and equity – a call for Christians to do more.

Some just shake their heads sadly, “What’s the use?”


Is it possible for a spirit of joy to come through when so many calamities hit us?  YES!


Joy comes from our core nature, connected with love in the fruit of the spirit.

It is more than just optimism versus pessimism. It involves how we look at life.


My daughters went to a lecture by a faith leader who said everyone wants peace and security more than anything.  They disagreed.  To them, love and purpose were more important.  I think they nailed it. As a father active in the parenting process, I found great joy in fulfilling my fatherly role, often giving up peace and security to do so.


In the midst of trials I have experienced joy when I as assured that I was loved and that my life had meaning.  Love follows joy as a fruit of the spirit.  Neither of them is simply passively felt.  Joy is found in active service motivated by love or in the experience of life when fulfilling love’s calling.



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