I am back in my office for the first time since January. It is the perfect

time to do some spring-cleaning. The new paint, carpet and blinds

won’t seem so fresh if I bring the same old stuff into it with all the

outdated files, never used desk supplies and general mess that was

there before.

Cleaning up is part of healthy nature. If we don’t rid our bodies of free

radicals, they can lead to cancer. Many plants are self-pruning in order

to keep the whole plant healthy and strong. We should accept the fact

that a healthy spirit also needs some spring-cleaning regularly. It is part

of our earthly reality.

In the process of re-sorting books and files I have become mindful of the

emotional baggage that is attached to some of them. I also realize that

some things that have little intrinsic value and may never find their way

into a sermon or children’s message are still important reminders to me

of grace and strength and community and so many things that have

been blessings to me from the past.

Summer vacations can also be times when we get to sort through our

lives and refresh our spirits. I plan on doing that too. Reconnecting

with spiritual mentors and letting go of spiritual free radicals that can

become cancerous are part of what keeps me as healthy as possible.

Hopefully we can all find that some spring-cleaning is not just a chore

but also a time for refreshing our environment and our lives.


Pastor Phil