For many Christian churches it is still Epiphany season. The season has the theme of the revealing of Jesus’ identity as the Christ, starting with the visit of the Magi to the glory of the transfiguration. It gives us the time to ponder on more than just who Jesus was/is. It also leads us to reflect on how truth is revealed to us.

Consider the sources of revelation just in the story of the Magi. The star was an omen from the natural world that they interpreted as a sign from God. Today we would probably just call that superstition. But these wise men followed it as far as their interpretation allowed to Jerusalem. There they were given a verse from ancient sacred scripture that said the one they sought was in Bethlehem. They took that as truth also. Once they had found the fulfillment of the prophecy, they heard from God in a dream or vision. God told them specifically what to do. They accepted the omen, the scripture and the dream as coming from God.

How do you find truth is revealed to you?

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