I used to think it was an urban legend until a friend told me of a case of which there was personal knowledge.  A couple in a northeastern city saved everything, spent only enough to eke out an existence.  Eventually they both had to be hospitalized.  There was enough in the bank to take care of their needs.  When the relatives gathered to clean up the apartment, they found dollar bills in random places in the living quarters. Scattered among pamphlets, books, clothes, and dishes was more than $200,000 in small bills.

They were hoarders.  We recognize it as a mental health issue when it gets to this degree.  In many ways we see people hoarding their lives.  They refuse to spend it on anything meaningful.  It is as if they think that failing to spend is saving.  It is not.

This kind of approach to life shows up in business, personal finances, politics and religious communities.  A life well spent is saved.  Those who fail to spend their lives or their substance on anything that improves the life of others have not saved themselves either.

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  1. I definitely needed to hear this message- thanks!

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