We are always influenced and motivated both by external things as well as our own internal thoughts, beliefs, instincts, etc.  When our actions are motivated by our internal things, we call this our spirituality.  It really is pretty simple.

Seminary professors and preachers like to use fancy words for it, but our spirituality is really an everyday thing that is within us all.  We don’t all express it in words, but our actions and feelings are based upon it.  Any astute observer of human behavior can express some profound theology in mundane language.

So, Gracie Allen can express a keen spiritual insight when she writes to her husband, George Burns, “don’t put a period where God has put a comma.”

My retired carpenter friend is a profound theologian when he says “life is a parade – watch it or observe it, but it won’t be the same way twice,” or “ we’re all just penciled in.”

We don’t need to use four syllable words to express some pretty important theology.  It would help, however, to be aware that we are expressing our theology more often than we realize.  Our words of hate or judgment reveal the “ god” we have just as much as our expressions of love and compassion.

What theology have you expressed lately by your words or deeds?

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