How we view time makes a big difference.  Einstein’s Theory of Relativity does not make this irrelevant.

Ideas about progress, constancy of nature, and even developing theology are outgrowths of our view of time.

Some view time as circular – what was once will come again, what is now will fade away and ultimately mean nothing.

Some view time as in a downward spiral – not just human history, but all things.  There was once perfection, but now we are doomed to disintegration and destruction.

Some view time as linear with change being inevitable and the end in sight.

The paradigm we use for the grander view effects the way we live in the line segment that is our time to act.  From my point of view, human history is a line with no endpoint.  It becomes important then to live as if there is always a tomorrow and to work now to make that tomorrow better than today.   This is the way of hope.

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