St. Paul recommended “monkey see, monkey do.”  Well, not quite.  He didn’t have a monkey. He did talk about imitating others, even when the other was himself.

After urging the Philippians to rejoice, pray, and think, he told them to do what they have learned.

Jesus talked about being doers of the word, not just hearers.

I have looked forward with joy at getting some exercise in, and I’ve prayed about it and I’ve certainly thought about. I watch my nutritional intake and get the right amount of rest.  I’ve studied the does and don’ts of different exercise routines.

Now I just have to do it.


Spirituality has the same aspect to it as physical exercise.  Spirituality needs to be exercised.  Pray about it, learn about it, be fed spiritually in worship and meditation, but if you don’t put your spirituality to work it does no one any good.  Even you.

So work as though your prayers have been heard as you think about good things and are confident that God will give you reasons to rejoice.  You will not only be surprised by joy, but also experience peace – that wholeness of being that surpasses understanding.

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