Question: Why in the world would people choose this place in Nebraska to build a town?

Answer: The pioneers were traveling on the trail west and ran into a spell of bad weather, so they decided to stop and wait for the weather to clear up. They’re still waiting.

That was the explanation given to me when I asked about the history of Lincoln, Nebraska. It obviously has stuck with me. I have used it in sermons to talk about whether or not we should just sit and wait or should be proactive in creating our futures.

Scripture says “it is good to wait for the LORD” and “my soul waits for the LORD more than they who wait for the morning.” These quotes come in the context of finding peace and healing after a very traumatic time. They should not be used to make people accept situations that they can and should change.

Scripture also says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” The context of this verse has to do with staying true to one’s character in both poverty and plenty. It is not about scoring touchdowns or becoming an astronaut.

So we need to keep it real when we talk about creating our futures. It is important to have an idea of what future we prefer to create. How do we want our lives to be? Otherwise we will simply be wandering through life without purpose.

Once we know where we want to go, we can begin a purposeful journey. Certainly, there will be factors beyond our control. If we have a goal, however, we are more likely to find a way around these uncontrollable factors.

At this time of year, many parts of our lives start back up after a summer break. It is a good time to sharpen our vision of the future. As one who follows the Way of Jesus, I hope that the vision you have for your future includes being an active part in making this world a more peaceful, more just and more loving world.


Pastor Phil