It amazes me every year that there are people arguing about the facts in the Christmas story. Was it December or April? Was it really Bethlehem?  Was it 4 B.C. or 0 A.D.? Who were the wise men and what was the star?  Is the Christmas tree still a pagan symbol?   Such arguments are of little help in reaching the truth of Christmas.

It also amazes me that there are so many versions of “The True Meaning of Christmas”.

There are as many versions of Christmas Truth as there are explanations for the four advent candles on the wreath seen in so many churches.  Truth is found in all of them when we don’t get bogged down in facts that cannot be proven with a high degree of certainty.

May we simply find in the Christmas symbols, stories and songs a message that touches our hearts with hope, peace, joy and love.  This is what makes it worth celebrating.

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  1. I agree with you in terms of Christmas worth celebrating, however I do believe that we can add deeper meaning to the life of Jesus if we know the truth about his life, and base our beliefs on real truths and his message rather than false myths. It is ironic that in 2000 years the world has not changed much. There is still much avarice and greed. War is very much with us as is poverty. The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse ride daily through our lives. We seem very far from embracing Jesus’ message. Part of this I believe is that we deified him and in doing so it made his message out of reach for human beings. Jesus was fully human. We must celebrate his being human and having a message that is fully embraceable by all humans. Shortly after the U.N. was founded they put forth a Declaration on Human Rights. You can Google it. This puts in modern terms the message of Jesus without using any religiosity. However few countries including ours have embraced all of its tenets although it is very doable. We must just find the will. The Occupy movement, without knowing it, is preaching these tenets. They are universal, and we must see that they are implemented in our homes, families, governments and then we will see a new and better world in which all can prosper and truly have peace and good will toward all.

  2. Ken, all that is true. But do take the time to experience the joy of Christmas. Of course, Jesus was criticized for “playing the flute” so we could dance. Being fully human is key. It allows us to express both the sorrow and joy of life.

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