Pastor’s Letters

Trusting in Love

Phew! We made it through January. It always seems that getting started is the hardest part. With the first month out of the way, we have an indication of how 2020 will be — maybe. Every endeavor involves some degree of faith. The laws of physics may be reliable, but most of life has too many…

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Did you know?

thumbnail of Did you know

Who knew what and when did they know it? This question, with all its subsets of questions, is often part of investigations into some kind of inappropriate conduct. Did you know …? This kind of question is a lead in to both gossiping and instructing. It can also be about our spiritual growth. We are…

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Joy In The Darkness

Isn’t it great that important people are born on holidays? I wonder how their mothers managed that? Martin Luther King Day, Presidents’ Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Columbus Day – all celebrate birthdays on a day when we have holidays. NOT. (Only MLK Day celebrates one person’s birthday.) Of course, we know that when a child is…

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There is a reason why a day of Thanksgiving is celebrated late in the fall. In Canada it is celebrated in October. In the USA, it is celebrated in November. For both countries it is related to the harvest season. Once the harvest is in, it is appropriate to celebrate the harvest itself. Some years…

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By the end of October, we will be celebrating Halloween. Costumes and masks are a part of those celebrations. It is all in fun. There are other times when costumes and masks are not about fun. In the age of Internet communications, it seems like we assume anonymity, as if no one will know who…

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Finding One’s Place

In Sweetwater, Texas each year there is an event called The Rattlesnake Roundup. People go out to the countryside to capture all the rattlesnakes they can find. Like any kind of event like this, there are some strange categories for prizes. However, besides reducing the population of these poisonous snakes, they also milk the venom…

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