What Can We Do When Our Leaders Let Us Down?

What comes to mind immediately is the Bible verse “Don’t put your trust in princes.” (Psalm 146:3) To me that verse reminds us that we are all human. Having wealth and power does not change that humanity which will never be perfect in the use of power or in wisdom. It is unrealistic on our […]

What is the Meaning of Communion for Me Personally?

Holy Communion fulfills the acknowledged needs for belonging and community.  It does this on a deeper spiritual level that goes beyond the community gathered in one place.  In Holy Communion we are connecting with all the followers of  Christ the world over. Imagine committing to a marriage, then never again hearing the words “I love […]

Does God Want Our Allegiance?

Full disclosure, I have trouble with the word allegiance. It conjures up the relationships in feudal societies. We have romantic visions of knights swearing allegiance to their liege lord. Oaths of allegiance bound them to the service of a noble of some rank. Those oaths might have been given willingly. However, the idea of allegiance, or […]

Are we supposed to kneel when we pray?

The posture we take when we pray depends upon how we relate to God during prayer. It can differ. Kneeling would indicate that God is sovereign and the person praying expresses humility before God. When dedicating one’s life to God as in an ordination rite, or when surrendering the day’s burdens to God as in a […]

Why do we witness for Christ?

Possible reasons for witnessing for Christ (if we are willing to admit to them) are: • We believe that we are the only ones who have true saving faith and everyone who is not in our group of believers is going to hell eternally. • We believe we will have a higher place in heaven if […]

Does God have a plan for me?

The way most people understand this question, I think I have to say “No.” When we think of plans, we think of detailed blueprints for building or carefully orchestrated actions by a tactical squad. We want to think God has every second of our life planned out so that everything leads to the best possible outcomes. […]