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Keeping Christ in Christmas

By Pastor Phil Konz | Dec 10

Are you prepared to hear about the “war on Christmas”? I am sure it will be talked about by some people.  What may be talked about can be as varied as the design on the Starbucks coffee cups to the positioning of nativity scenes in public places. What those who make a lot of noise about…

What does the Bible have to say about tattoos?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Nov 16

When I saw this question I was dismayed. It meant that somewhere there was a preacher or “Bible-believer” that was making tattoos a sin. People are suffering because of human arrogance, greed, rage and apathy. People are suffering because of violence, natural disasters, diseases and unjust institutions. Yet someone chooses to heap guilt and shame…

November 2017 Pioneer Post

By | Nov 05

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Thanksgiving, Hopefulness and Faith

By Pastor Phil Konz | Nov 05

This is the time of year when preachers spout platitudes. Many phrases about gratitude and thankfulness are superficial and trite, and are used too often. To some the platitudes of thanksgiving can seem downright cruel. It is cruel to tell someone they ought to be thankful when they are being abused physically, emotionally and sexually.…

Pioneer’s Support of Wind Youth Services

By Pioneer Congregational | Oct 30

The Community Service Committee of the Outreach Board has committed to in depth support of Wind Youth Services. Wind Youth Services is Sacramento County’s only program serving homeless youth. Their mission is to provide supportive services and opportunities to youth experiencing homelessness as they pursue self-determined lives of stability and independence. Pioneer’s mission is to…

Do we control our future or do we follow God’s plan?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Oct 16

Neither. I realize that is not a helpful answer when we are trying to make decisions. However, many factors beyond our control have an effect on our future. We cannot follow a plan when we do not know what the plan is. So, is there any help from our spiritual understandings when we need to…

500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

By Pastor Phil Konz | Oct 01

The event that is marking this anniversary is the nailing of 95 Theses on the Chapel door at Wittenberg (Germany) University on October 31, 1517 by Dr. Martin Luther.  That event started a chain of events that has changed the face of Christendom and, in some ways, the whole world. The success of the Protestant…

October 2017 Pioneer Post

By | Oct 01

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What Can We Do When Our Leaders Let Us Down?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Sep 16

What comes to mind immediately is the Bible verse “Don’t put your trust in princes.” (Psalm 146:3) To me that verse reminds us that we are all human. Having wealth and power does not change that humanity which will never be perfect in the use of power or in wisdom. It is unrealistic on our…

Forming Faith

By Pastor Phil Konz | Sep 03

On Wednesday nights starting September 6th, I invite you to join me at Pioneer Church to engage in faith formation. I am quite deliberately calling it faith formation, not Bible study. I am amazed at how much ideas about faith have changed since early Christianity. For so many Christians faith has become a set of…