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Why doesn’t God help all people who are suffering or in need?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Mar 16

There are people who are helping to alleviate suffering and to supply what is truly needed by others. We need to understand that the usual way to receive help is through other people. This does not take away from the divine nature of the help. We are called to be Christ’s hands and feet. We…

The Supreme Being

By Pastor Phil Konz | Mar 04

The Ancient Alien The Absent Deity The Chess Master The Ultimate Source There are so many ways that we human beings have tried to identify and describe the Supreme Being.  Generally we ascribe a singularity to this Supreme Being.  We also attribute the origin of all that exists in the material world to this Being. …

March 2018 Pioneer Post

By | Mar 04

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February 2018 Pioneer Post

By | Feb 05

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Spiritual Growth During Lent

By Pastor Phil Konz | Feb 05

2018 has some strange calendar events.  January gave us blue super moons with a total eclipse during the second one.  Then the church and secular calendars give us Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday on the same day.  Later April Fools Day and Easter fall on the same day.  And that is just the first hundred…

How do I know if I have eternal life?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jan 16

This is an age-old question that has been answered in many ways depending on one’s wants and fears. It seems the driving concern is actually more about punishment in the after-life as much as it is about a blissful eternity. Will the guilty be punished? Will there be an end to misery? Will there be…

January 2018 Pioneer Post

By | Jan 01

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Imperfect Resolutions

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jan 01

Military leaders and athletic coaches know that it is necessary to plan carefully and be fully prepared.  They also know that once the action starts the plans will have to be changed.  No plan will ever work to perfection. Somehow when we make our resolutions we expect a different reality than leaders and coaches experience. …

Is it okay that I want my family to enjoy Christmas without giving gifts?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Dec 16

Assuming you mean gifts as items or experiences we pay to obtain, usually wrapping it up in pretty paper to present at a family celebration, then I would say yes. It is certainly okay to want your family to enjoy Christmas without giving gifts.  However, I do not think a family can actually enjoy Christmas…

December 2017 Pioneer Post

By | Dec 11

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