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What is an interim pastorate?

By Jim Jordan | Apr 07

Letter from the Interim Pastor The question most asked of people in interim ministry is, “What is an interim pastorate?” The short answer is: It is the ministry that comes between called pastors. It is how a church gets from what came before to what comes next. The longer answer is that an interim pastorate…

Pioneer Post – April 2021

By Jim Jordan | Apr 07
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Pioneer Post – March 2021

By Jim Jordan | Mar 06
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Why Not

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jan 06

A Last letter from Pastor Phil As you look forward to a new year and a new minister at Pioneer, I hope you are thinking of the new possibilities. When we were saying goodbye to each other as my time at Pioneer was ending, I heard a common theme among the many stories shared. What…

Pioneer Post – January 2021

By | Jan 06
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Steadfast Love

By Pastor Phil Konz | Nov 17

I guess you could say I am stubborn about being stubborn. There are simply some aspects of my character I refuse to change. I dig in my heels and say that no matter what happens to me I am not going to change certain aspects of my character. I refuse to stop loving. I refuse…

Pioneer Post – November 2020

By Jim Jordan | Nov 17
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Our Heritage

By Pastor Phil Konz | Oct 06

We did not get to have the picnic, but we still had the birthday. In September, Pioneer Congregational Church turned 171 years old! On Oct. 31, Protestant Christianity will turn 503 if we consider the nailing of the 95 Theses on the Wittenberg Chapel door by Martin Luther in 1517 as the beginning of Protestant…

Pioneer Post – October 2020

By | Oct 06
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Aware of the Air

By Pastor Phil Konz | Aug 30

Lately I have been very aware of the air around me — scorching heat, then the smoke from the fires. Like so many other aspects of life, my awareness is triggered only when there is something that makes me uncomfortable. Otherwise, I am perfectly fine assuming that the air that I need will always be…