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Aware of the Air

By Pastor Phil Konz | Aug 30

Lately I have been very aware of the air around me — scorching heat, then the smoke from the fires. Like so many other aspects of life, my awareness is triggered only when there is something that makes me uncomfortable. Otherwise, I am perfectly fine assuming that the air that I need will always be…

Pioneer Post – September 2020

By | Aug 30
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History In The Making

By Pastor Phil Konz | Aug 06

Like it or not we are making history. Are you writing it down? Will the next generation really understand what 2020 was like? Who knows what will seem important to others a couple of decades from now? This month, August 2020, my father would have been 100 years old. When I realized that, I began…

Pioneer Post – August 2020

By | Aug 06
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By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 09

I recently had my regular eye exam. There is always that part where the technician has me looking into a machine while two different lenses are switched back and forth. “Which is better? Slide one or slide two?” This continues until both choices are so good I can’t tell the difference. When this starts out,…

Pioneer Post – July 2020

By | Jul 09
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Living in the Paradox

By | May 27

We often want to take one truth as absolute and simply deny anything that contradicts it. In a paradox, however, two different statements or beliefs can contradict each other, and yet both may contain elements of truth. It seems to me that the truth is that life is one paradox after another. That creates tension, but we…

Pioneer Post – May/June 2020

By | May 27
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By | Apr 01

I suppose I could use church-speak and talk about redeeming the time, but popular sayings often say profound things in much simpler language. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. During this time of sheltering in place or self-quarantining, people have shown amazing creativity in using the time to do good things. In-home concerts, family projects, creating…

Pioneer Post – April 2020

By | Apr 01
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