The best teachers, artists, and leaders do not need the books anymore.  They have incorporated the knowledge that was in the books and now teach, create and lead from within.   When they reach that level, they become authorities in their areas of expertise.

We talk about Jesus being the incarnate God.  That has meant various things to people over the centuries.  I think he embodied the divine in that he did not need to learn about God from a book, but had enough experience and understanding of the divine that he had incorporated it in himself.   He was the authority in the relationship between divine and human existence.

You are the authority on your life.  To be that authority in a masterful way you need to come to grips with who you truly are.  That means accepting both the finite nature of your humanity as well as the tremendous potential of your humanity.  That means connecting your heaven and your earth, your spiritual and your physical natures.  You have the authority over your main character – you – to make your life story a good one.

I think we all author our own lives best when we begin with a foundation of love that is steadfast and all-encompassing.  For most of us that means we have to rewrite a few chapters worth of opinions and thoughts about the world in which we live. 

Re-writes are permitted and even encouraged.  You can’t go back in time to undo, but you can rewrite for as long as there is time given you.  Your book hasn’t gone to the publishers yet. Take the time while you have it to make it a masterpiece.

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  1. It is hard to keep giving love and not having it returned. You feel like you have been at the crap table of life and crapped out. When you reach the final chapter and look back it is late to do rewrites and sometimes you wonder what you could do differently. When the die is cast it is cast.

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