Although we talk about thanking God on Thanksgiving Day, it is actually not a holiday set by the church.  It is established by the government. Yet I have to wonder how many will be giving thanks for our government and the nation it governs.  Most of us will be thinking about the turkey and trimmings.  Some will be rooting for their favorite football team to win.  Few will be thinking about the American government.

We use other holidays to reverence our nation.  Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Fourth of July will have more mentions about being grateful for “our great land and nation”.

Why do our times of national gratitude revolve around wars and a national anthem that is all about bombs bursting in air?  Either we are by nature militaristic or we do not remember to be thankful for something until we almost lose it.

Can we change that? Yes.

This Thanksgiving Day, may we all be thankful for this land and the people in it, and even the people who govern it.

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