Social Justice

Justice For All People

The church’s Social Justice Committee combines social justice advocacy (or prophetic witness, as some of us like to call it) with direct service to the community (or charity, as some of us don’t like to call it).

The committee’s initial advocacy efforts have focused on homelessness and affordable housing, speaking to — not for — the church and recommending some state and local public policy advocacy efforts that the church has then adopted. It works with the Sacramento Area Congregations Together (ACT), the Sacramento Housing Alliance, the Sacramento Regional Coalition to End Homelessness, and the California Council of Churches.

We’ve also suggested some social justice hymns to Pastor Phil, who’s incorporated one them – “For Everyone Born, A Place at the Table” into the worship services. For some of us, it’s now one of our favorite hymns.

We’re looking now for direct service opportunities in addition to our church’s ongoing support for efforts including the Safe Ground, which allows us to shelter and feed about 200 of our homeless neighbors once a month, and the River City Food Bank.

The committee fits into the church’s structure as a subgroup of the Outreach Board.

We usually meet at 11:30 a.m. on the first Sunday of each month. The meetings so far haven’t had formal agendas, which has let our spirited group to jump in and speak up. We’ll see how well that keeps working.

Members and friends of Pioneer with a passion for social justice are invited.

Social Justice Committee

May 21st 2017, Pioneer Church council amended our church’s Social Justice policy. Click here to read.



We are a proud supporter of Safe Ground Sacramento






-Homeless and Affordable Housing-

Pioneer Church has a history of speaking truth (as we see it) to power on behalf of our homeless neighbors and for affordable housing for all who need it. This month we wrote Sacramento City Councilmember Steve Hansen inviting him to talk with us at our Fellowship Hour about our church’s support for better police treatment of people who are homeless and for strengthening, not weakening, the city affordable housing ordinance. While speaking for the church, we also honor each church member’s freedom to make their own individual decisions, and there is no implication that the church speaks for all its members. The letter is posted on the bulletin board.













-Winter Sanctuaries in Sacramento 2015-2016-

This winter is so cold, and we will have a lot of rain! Here is the information of Winter Sanctuaries for homeless people-2015-2016. Click here to go to 211 Sacramento web site.



Find Help


Where can I find help?

Sacramento Steps Forward manages the Sacramento City and County Homelessness Continuum of Care. They work to coordinate, develop and implement policies that address homelessness, with a focus on solutions that will improve system efficiency and reduce the number of individuals experiencing homelessness in Sacramento region.

You can go “Find Help” page from this link.

Sacramento Free Eats Chart

There is a lot of information about homeless food provider, but sometimes it is difficult to figure out when and where homeless people can get a meal in Sacramento. So, one of the Social Justice Committee members made a chart. However, we would like your corrections, comments, or additions for our next update to provide more accurate information.

Sacramento Free Eats Chart

Mental Health

Do you know over the 60% of homeless population in Sacramento has a mental illness or substance abuse? Their needs are not only food but also an appropriate mental health care. If homeless people want to take a mental health service from country, they must contact to Guest House.

-Guest House-

1400 North A Street, Bldg A, Sacramento, CA 95814


Hours: M-F

Provides full-range professional outpatient services, including psychiatric medication evaluation and treatment, mental health nursing, service coordination and linkage/referrals for housing and ongoing services. Saturday clinic hours are available.

-Sacramento County Mental Health Respite Services-

These mental health support places for homeless people will not give them medication but make a bridge to access the appropriate mental health care from our community.

Name Phone Website Notes
Adults In Crisis
Crisis Respite Center (916)737-7483 Respite care for individuals 18 and older for up to 23 hours
Abiding Hope Respite House (916)287-4860 Short-term respite available 24 hours/7 days a week
Ripple Effect (916)807-7305 LGBTQ-friendly drop-in respite
Adult Women In Crisis
St. John's Program for Real Change (916)453-1482 Respite and on-site support for women and women with children
LGBTQ Adults In Crisis
Lambda Lounge (916)442-0185 LGBTQ-friendly planned and drop-in respite
Gender Health Center (916)455-2391 Transgender-centered drop-in respite
Homeless Teens/Transition-Age Youth In Crisis
Wind Youth Services (916)561-4900 Drop-in respite for youth age 13 to 25
LGBTQ Teens/Transition-Age Youth In Crisis
Sacramento LGBT Community Center: Q Spot (916)442-0185 Drop-in respite and dop-in support groups for youth age 13 to 23
Adult Caregivers In Crisis
Del Oro Caregiver Resource Center (916)728-9333 Respite for caregivers caring for family members with dementia. Please contact them before you use their service.
Parents Of Adoptive Children-Parents In Crisis
Capital Adoptive Families Alliance (916)834-3700 Respite through events for adoptive parents of children with complex mental health needs. Please contact them before you use their service.
Youth, Adult Planned Respite
Iu-Mien Community Services (916)383-3083 Respite through events for youth, adults, and older adults of the Mien community. Please contact them before you use their service.

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