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Do We Need Enemies?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 06

When I was a student pastor, I asked members of the congregation I was serving who they were. I heard many statements that included “we are not ____” and “we do not do ___”. When I clarified that I wanted to know who they were, not who they were not, the silence was profound. Do […]


By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 06

Can you define who you are without comparing yourself to others? Can you say “I am good” – even “great”- without saying “I am better than”? When we can define who we are from our internal self-awareness, then we can take our place in a healthy way in the world. We move from competition to […]

Dirty Dozen III- Must We Have an Enemy?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jun 30

If  fear has mastered us we must have an enemy. Fear needs to focus our attention on anything but itself. FDR’s famous line, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself” has a profound wisdom we need to recapture. When we stop looking at other people or problems as objects of fear, then we can […]

Dirty Dozen- Part II

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jun 29

Shame and guilt are closely associated for most of us. For me, shame is about who we are, guilt is about what we do. If shame is about being less than or other than we ought to be, I’m not sure who gets to decide the ought. Usually what happens is that communities decide how […]

A Destructive Dirty Dozen

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jun 29

For some reason -or maybe no real reason- we think of some sins as worse than others. As an evolving species we have placed many meanings on sin that simply do not make sense. For now, I’m using sin to mean those things we do, feel or think that are hurtful. Twelve is a cool […]

Death and Life

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jun 27

We miss some of the meaning of a text whenever we translate from another language. This Sunday, for instance, there were two different words involved in the ideas of death and life. In Romans 6:13 “we have been brought from death to life,” the word nekros is used for death. It means we have been empowered […]

What’s the target?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jun 23

Languages develop from primitive concrete items and images.  The imagery behind “sin” is “missing the mark”.  The word “Torah”, often translated as Law, has the imagery of arrow or direction.  So the Law is an arrow aimed at a target, and sin is the missing of that target.  But what is the target?  It seems […]

Starting points

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jun 23

A question came up in a discussion:  when in our journey up from the primordial ooze did human beings begin to have an awareness of God?  That’s interesting, but impossible to discern as far as I am concerned.  What it implies, however, is that spiritual awareness is progressive.  I believe that is true, individually and […]

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