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Feeding the Five Thousand

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 27

I can’t get my head around the story of the feeding of the five thousand. This is the only miracle recorded in all four canonical gospels of Jesus. Even collating the different accounts there are many details missing. It forces one to look simple at what the individual writer provides in order to figure our […]

The Parable of the Fish Net

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 27

Some people like to get an early start on anything they do. That is simply part of their nature. However, getting an early start on judgement day is not a thing that any of us should do, much less get an early start on it. In this parable, as in the parable of the weeds […]

The Hidden Treasure and the Pearl of Great Price- Part III

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 26

In two short parables in a row Jesus uses the phrase “he goes and sells all that he has and buys it”. The treasure hidden in a field and the pearl of great price are ideas so easily abused when the kingdom of heaven becomes a human organization rather than a spiritual power within us. […]

Parable of the Yeast- Part II

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 26

“A little leaven leavens the whole loaf.” Keep in mind that when this parable was first told people did not understand how yeast worked. They only knew the effects of the yeast when put into a batch of dough. It would change the whole batch no matter how big that batch was. This is true […]

Mustard Seed- Part I

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 25

The parable of the mustard seed, like any parable can have multiple meanings. A story allows each hearer to find something meaningful, even if those meaningful somethings are not alike from one person to the next. Some night see this parable as the Christian Church starting from one person but producing a worldwide organization that […]

Collateral Damage

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 20

It was an amazing argument. Two of my children were arguing heatedly about what the exact wording of a joke they heard on TV the night before. I had to step in and ask them if being right was worth losing the close relationship they had. So often we become fixated on one thing and […]

Weed Wars- Part 2

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 19

Jesus tells a parable about weeds growing in a field of wheat. Separating the wheat and the weeds has to wait until the harvest because uprooting weeds would also uproot the wheat. Today, of course, we would simply spray weed-killer on them. That may not hurt the wheat but I have to wonder what harm […]

Weed Wars

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 18

If a plant was hardy, easy to grow, good to eat, and produced a pretty flower and a playful spray of seeds, you would think it was a desirable plant. Unless it was a dandelion. Then it’s a weed. Or is it? We label something a weed for our own purposes. Most often the label […]

The Most Important Piece of the Puzzle

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 18

When I asked adults “what is the most important piece of a jig saw puzzle?” I received a variety of answers- the first piece, the corner piece, the last piece. None of them the answers I was looking for. When I asked the children, one of them immediately answered, “Technically, none of them.”  I asked […]

Rough Responses

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 13

Have you ever read a spiritual masterpiece and said to yourself, “I don’t get it.”? That’s OK. I’m convinced Jesus thought so, too. Spiritual teachings are not all even. That’s what the parable of the sower is all about. Even the “good soil” had eneven production from the seed it received. I freely admit that Psalms […]

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