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Do we control our future or do we follow God’s plan?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Oct 16

Neither. I realize that is not a helpful answer when we are trying to make decisions. However, many factors beyond our control have an effect on our future. We cannot follow a plan when we do not know what the plan is. So, is there any help from our spiritual understandings when we need to […]

500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation

By Pastor Phil Konz | Oct 01

The event that is marking this anniversary is the nailing of 95 Theses on the Chapel door at Wittenberg (Germany) University on October 31, 1517 by Dr. Martin Luther.  That event started a chain of events that has changed the face of Christendom and, in some ways, the whole world. The success of the Protestant […]

October 2017 Pioneer Post

By Robyn Taylor | Oct 01

Enjoy the October 2017 Post and be sure to check out:
– UCC’s Donate Responsibly Campaign
– How Dr. Martin Luther started the Protestant Reformation
– Pastor Phil’s response to Do we control our future or do we follow God’s plan?

What Can We Do When Our Leaders Let Us Down?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Sep 16

What comes to mind immediately is the Bible verse “Don’t put your trust in princes.” (Psalm 146:3) To me that verse reminds us that we are all human. Having wealth and power does not change that humanity which will never be perfect in the use of power or in wisdom. It is unrealistic on our […]

Forming Faith

By Pastor Phil Konz | Sep 03

On Wednesday nights starting September 6th, I invite you to join me at Pioneer Church to engage in faith formation. I am quite deliberately calling it faith formation, not Bible study. I am amazed at how much ideas about faith have changed since early Christianity. For so many Christians faith has become a set of […]

September 2017 Pioneer Post

By Robyn Taylor | Sep 03

Enjoy the September 2017 Post and be sure to check out:
– How to join the response to Hurricane Harvey
– How the concept of faith includes a vision of what human relationships could be
– Pastor Phil’s response to ‘What can we do when our leaders let us down?’

What is the Meaning of Communion for Me Personally?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Aug 16

Holy Communion fulfills the acknowledged needs for belonging and community.  It does this on a deeper spiritual level that goes beyond the community gathered in one place.  In Holy Communion we are connecting with all the followers of  Christ the world over. Imagine committing to a marriage, then never again hearing the words “I love […]

Progress Report

By Pastor Phil Konz | Aug 01

It isn’t as big a deal here in the central valley of California as it is in the great plains, but when you set your goal to reach the mountains seen in the distance, it seems like it takes forever to reach them.  You could become discouraged at an apparent lack of progress if you […]

August 2017 Pioneer Post

By Robyn Taylor | Aug 01

Enjoy the August 2017 Post and be sure to check out:

– God Bless Us, Whoever We Are
– UCC’s response to the political violence in Virginia
– Pastor Phil’s response to Does God want our allegiance?

Does God Want Our Allegiance?

By Pastor Phil Konz | Jul 16

Full disclosure, I have trouble with the word allegiance. It conjures up the relationships in feudal societies. We have romantic visions of knights swearing allegiance to their liege lord. Oaths of allegiance bound them to the service of a noble of some rank. Those oaths might have been given willingly. However, the idea of allegiance, or […]

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